Operating Responsibly

We are committed to being a responsible business and this is felt at every level of our operations. It is embedded in the ways we work and through the relationships we form with our partners. We believe in delivering value for all our stakeholders and delivering mutually beneficial outcomes for our colleagues, joint venture partners and wider stakeholders including suppliers and community partners.

We have a clear understanding of public and private partnerships, and we have invested considerably at national, regional, and local levels. Our diverse and growing portfolio reflects our ability to create effective partnerships, and this accounts for a significant element of our activity. By working closely with our partners by making long-term investments we have delivered significant value to our partner organisations as well as the communities we invest in.

Our Current Position

Partnerships are core to Langtree as a business and we aim to foster a collaborative approach to how we operate with good governance embedded. Our approach to working with our partners has been essential in us delivering continued community impact over the years across the following joint ventures:

When choosing new suppliers and influencing how we work with our existing supply chain, sustainability is now at the forefront of our considerations. Green clauses are included within key contracts such as our landscaping, cleaning, and construction. This provides us with a deeper insight into our supply chains environmental and social credentials to ensure we are working towards the same goals.

Through continuous monitoring of our health and safety policy, we have taken an annual ‘Blue Audit’ to assess compliance to our policy and procedures and achieved an average of over 90% fully complaint with the remaining % only requiring marginal improvements.

Measurement is key to our progress and transparency is vital to evidence our progress. We must hold ourselves to the same high standards that we ask of others.

Our Future Commitments

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To progress our delivering ethically agenda by embedding it throughout our approach to business and JV partners governance.

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To actively maintain and monitor our health and safety policy and compliance with regular property wide audits. 

To continue working with our existing and new suppliers based on a shared sustainability agenda. 

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To be transparent in the progress Langtree makes against its sustainability ambitions and regularly report on progress. 

Explore other themes at the core of our delivering ethically approach.

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