Healthy Spaces

Healthy Spaces

At our core, we aim to leave a positive and lasting legacy on our people, towns, and communities and therefore, a healthier, happier, and engaged community is key to our success. Throughout the design and development process we ensure that not only do we provide a safe place to work but also a place that boosts wellbeing, encourages healthy living, and drives collaboration.

Our Current Position

Across all properties we aim to provide communal space for occupiers to encourage a collaborative environment which can include break out space and meeting and event space.

Public realms and open spaces play a vital role in our existing and future developments with pedestrian routes and external breakout amenities provided, for example a 2km Heritage trail planned at and upcoming Langtree development.

We encourage colleagues and occupiers to maintain active lifestyles through our cycle to work scheme, fitness classes, and the availability of gym facilities on campus at Sci-Tech Daresbury.

A further initiative is that we incentivise colleagues to healthy competition with monthly rewards available for those who achieve the greatest number of steps through YuLife.

We help support our occupiers grow their businesses through our coordination of networking and business events in the spaces we provide, organised by our on-site teams, equating to over 50 annual events.

We strive to provide a healthy workspace for occupiers through initiatives including lighting and acoustic considerations in the scheme designs.

Our Future Commitments


We will seek health and wellbeing accreditations for all new developments.

Portrait of happy young fit people running together ourdoors. Couple sport healthy lifetsyle concept

Continue encouraging and supporting active lifestyles for our colleagues and occupiers.

Linear Park at Daresbury Sci-Tech

To maximise external public realms and outside spaces across new developments.


Continue to deliver networking and wider business support events across our sites.

Explore other themes at the core of our delivering ethically approach.

Biodiversity & Waste

Toward Zero Carbon

Improving Communities

Operating Responsibly