• Geekplus UK team offers sales, solution design, implementation engineering,
    project management and customer care to UK clients
  • In the past year, Geekplus has launched several large scale robotics projects
    with major UK retailers in the apparel and grocery industry
  • The new UK office includes a demonstration centre showcasing Geekplus robots in action

Geekplus, the global leader in autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology, is proud to announce that the official launch of its UK regional headquarters. The office, located in Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire, is not
only a home base for Geekplus’s UK sales, engineering, and service teams, but also features a technology demonstration centre where several Geekplus AMRs are on permanent display.

Having entered the wider European market only in 2019, Geekplus has successfully deployed projects in over 30 countries, including over a dozen in the UK alone, with major retailers, e-commerce providers and third-party logistics players. Warrington joins Düsseldorf, San Diego, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore in hosting a
Geekplus regional headquarters.

Brian Lee, Head of UK at Geekplus, said: “This is a momentous day in the
development of Geekplus. The UK is home to some of our most exciting projects,
including large scale automated parcel sorting and multi-site goods to person robotics
deployments. Logistics operators here, and retailers in particular, recognize the
game-changing value brought by autonomous mobile robots, and are eager to
upgrade their operations. We are delighted to have a full-fledged office to serve our
clients here. We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone at our new UK home.”

The Sci-Tech Daresbury campus is an ideal setting for Geekplus, with the company joining some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the UK. At least 30 Geekplus employees (known internally as “Geekers”) will be based in the new headquarters.

Simon Houghton, Geekplus’s UK Head of Sales, said: “I’ve been on this journey with
Geek+ for three years, and I have seen exciting projects across this whole country.
This office and its demonstration center gives us a central hub where we can show
people what we do and how our AMRs can take their businesses to the next level.”

Open to all visitors, the demonstration centre is the showpiece of the new office and includes a selection of Geekplus’s AMRs. The robots showing off their skills are the flagship goods-to-person P-800 picking robot, best suited to connecting inventory with warehouse employees; the award-winning RoboShuttle, which enables high-density storage solutions; and the S-20C, a sorting robot capable of connecting the disparate elements of a production or distribution line.

Sci-Tech Daresbury now boasts yet another world-leading company as a part of the community. The Geekplus UK team looks forward to greeting everyone who comes to see the innovations that will move UK logistics into a safer, more efficient, brighter future.